Get Unplugged ... with The Greener Cleaner

One Second Plumber clears drains instantly and contains no environmentally harmful acid, lye or harsh chemicals. It is a secret mixture of gases (not compressed air) that expand rapidly in contact with water. This rapid expansion uses the water as a ram to clear the drain blockage. One Second Plumber will power through everything from soap to hair and grease in most blocked or slow moving drains.

One Second Plumber was developed in Germany almost 25 years ago to provide a drain cleaning product that will not damage the environment. Germany is a world leader in establishing environmental protection standards and developing products to meet them. Over 30 million units have been sold.

One Second Plumber is protected by North American patents and has been available in Canada and the U.S. for over ten years. It is available as a Kit or a Refill Can. The Kit, with its Universal Adapter, allows One Second Plumber to be used in any drain (up to 6 inch diameter), including toilets.

One Second Plumber is safe for toilets, septic systems and all sound plastic and metal plumbing.

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING - from actual letters on file ...

"I just wanted to let you know, I have just tried your product and it is wonderful. I know nothing about plumbing or toilets. I just followed the instructions on the box and it worked perfectly. l have waited 3 days for my husband to " fix" the toilet. I have done it in "one second". I cannot thank you enough for your product."

Barb - Guelph, ON

"Holy smokes ... bought the kit and thought that for $20, that was way too expensive. I purchased it, used it, and can't believe it. I never even considered that it would work that well. And the best part is: I thought it could only be used once when I bought it. Absolutely amazing! Just think of the cost and pollutants in 24 uses of Dr--no!"

James - Calgary, AB

"I just have to tell you ... we spent two days trying to unplug the laundry plug drain. My husband picked up a One Second Plumber today and on the second shot that thing ran so fast it was amazing. Thanks for a great product!"

Judith - Nepean, ON

"My kitchen double sink drain became totally clogged and absolutely nothing worked to budge the blockage. In desperation I tried a can of One Second Plumber, which I have on hand for regular drain maintenance. I jammed a plunger into one drain and pushed down hard to block it. I applied a blast from One Sec to the other drain. Water from the sink blew back at me due to the tightness of the blockage, which held firm. But one more quick shot and "voila" - the sinks drained as quickly as new. I must say, I was VERY impressed."

Jim - Vancouver, BC

"I'm a fairly new relief-superintendent for a 200 apartment complex and was becoming disgruntled over clogged drains and having to use a snake to clear, which sometimes didn't work. I tried your product and I'm amazed at One Second (Plumber)'s capability - it's instant and I can do the job in a tuxedo. The tenants are truly in awe! Thanks for a genuine scientific invention."

"A.C." - Ottawa, ON

"Used your product on our completely plugged double sink in the kitchen. It took 3 good blasts from your product, but the clog started to gurgle for approx 4 seconds then ... instantly the complete blockage was gone. Even an electric plumbing snake didn't get rid of the problem. Great product you have."

Michael - Kitchener, ON

"Your product was a lifesaver - my husband was working all day on our clogged tub with a snake that he purchased. He tried for four hours with no results and we also tried chemicals. We decided to try your product and it worked right away. It was fantastic. Thank you."

Tania - Hamilton, ON